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Notes and Quotes: July 28, 2018

Their Voices Were Nearly Perfect

By Tom Morrow

Out of World War II came two voices unforgettable, albeit they’re nearly lost to history: Buddy Clark and Vera Lynn.

While Bing Crosby, undoubtedly was the top singer of the day, Buddy Clark, born Samuel Goldberg, emerged as “Der Bingle’s” equal baritone singing voice. Unfortunately, he was killed in a plane crash Oct. 1, 1949, on Beverly Hills Boulevard in West Los Angeles, ending his life at age 37. His big hits: “(Dance) Ballerina,” “Linda,” “Dreamer’s Holiday,” “How Are Things in Glocca Morra.” “Now Is The Hour,” “Powder Your Face With Sunshine,” and his big one: “Peg of My Heart.”

Vera Lynn, who was born in 1917, as Vera Welch, kept up the morale of the British public and the Allied Armed Forces with her powerful alto voice singing “White Cliffs of Dover,” “Yours,” “When the Lights Come on Again (all over the world),” She sang up into her nineties. Her big post World War II hit was “Auf Wiedersehn, My Dear.”

But no one sang her signature song, the nostalgic war lament, “We’ll Meet Again,” like Vera Lynn.

Her songs still resonate in the hearts of those who were “bucked up” and given hope in Great Britain and the U.S., by her piercing alto voice during WWII. Her singing gave hope to thousands of Europeans held under the Nazi boot as they secretly listened nightly to BBC broadcasts.

This is subjective on my part, but today Clark’s and Lynn’s voices are hard to find without buying them on CD. For those of you who have access to YouTube on the Internet, just type in their names on the search section and stand by to a treat.

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