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San Diego Habitat Conservancy is Now Managing Wanis View Preserve in Oceanside

Oceanside CA— After more than 17 years of planning and negotiating, including five years of restoration, Wanis View Preserve has been established.  The preserve includes an on-site portion at Hubbert Lake and an off-site portion at Foss Lake.  The Hubbert Lake portion consists of 76.3 acres northwest of the intersection of Huula Drive and Wala Drive along the border of the City of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. The Foss Lake portion consists of 11.53 acres approximately 3.5 miles northeast of the Hubbert Lake site adjacent to the Oceanside Golf Course. The preserve was set aside as mitigation for the Wanis View Estates residential development. SDHC will manage both open space habitats in order to protect native species that call this part of Oceanside home.

The preserve supports Diegan coastal sage scrub, native grassland, non-native grassland, southern willow scrub, alkali meadow, alkali marsh, alkali flat, freshwater marsh, tamarisk scrub and disturbed wetland.

The Foss Lake portion is part of a wildlife corridor that includes Pilgrim Creek Ecological Preserve to the north, Whelan Ranch Preserve to the west, and Willmont and Morrow Hills Preserve to the east. The Hubbert Lake portion is bond to the west and north by open space. Both Preserve areas are part of a larger regional vision to link open space land throughout the area. SDHC will coordinate with the City of Oceanside, neighboring landowners, educational institutions and wildlife agencies to ensure a coordinated effort to preserve the natural resources of the region.

SDHC was established in 2000 and manages a number of open space easements throughout the San Diego region, preserving and managing sensitive habitat and species that are unique to our Southern California environment. SOHC strives to share our knowledge and appreciation of our natural environment with the San Diego community, encouraging participation in the stewardship of our region’s precious open space. The mission of SOHC is to conserve and manage sensitive habitats and species while inspiring land stewardship through education and outreach.

For more information San Diego Conservancy Preserves visit http://www.sdhabitat.org/preserves/preserves.html