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Lyft Launches “Personal Plan” for Fixed Route Price

San Diego CA— Your list of monthly subscriptions probably includes some mix of primarily entertainment-focused services, such as Netflix or Hulu and Spotify or Apple Music. Or maybe there are some food-related ones too, like HelloFresh or MealPal. Soon, however, you may be adding Lyft to that list.

Lyft has announced the Lyft Personal Plan – a custom subscription plan that lets users pick their top route (e.g. home to work, work to the gym, gym to their significant other’s house, their best friend’s place back to home, etc.) and lock in a set price. Users pick a route and pay the same price every time even when it’s busy.

Lyft riders have told the company that deciding between all their options to get around (walking, driving, ridesharing) can be stressful, so with Lyft subscriptions, the company wants to help make this decision even easier for users to make, including having one set price with no surprises.

Starting this week, select Lyft riders will be invited to get a Lyft Personal Plan and design their own custom plan.