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San Diego Public Relations Firm Earns Gold Designation as Bicycle Friendly Business

Mixte Communications is one of three San Diego businesses to ever be awarded a gold-level recognition

In California, Mixte is 1 of 17 small businesses to have earned a gold-level designation
100 percent of Mixte staff participated in the 2018 bike-to-work commute

San Diego CAMixte Communications, a local small business, won a prestigious gold designation for its internal and external bike culture and advocacy. The Mixte team is proud to be one of three businesses in San Diego honored with gold level by the bike-friendly movement leaders at League of American Bicyclists.

Known for its social justice and small business communications expertise, the San Diego PR agency is working to transform protective rights and infrastructure for San Diego cyclists the best way possible: leading by example.

“Everyone at Mixte is passionate about our clients’ causes,” said Public Relations Specialist Hailey Bossert, who co-leads the company’s two-wheeled Wednesday bike rides. “If we want the city to rethink how we get across town, we have to lead by example – walk the walk, and bike the bike.”

Making cycling to work as seamless as driving on the freeway, Mixte leadership has proactively sought to instill bike culture to its staff, providing accessible showers, a flexible dress code that accommodates biking while working, official bike parking and staff workshops on bike maintenance or navigating urban neighborhoods.

Mixte CEO Jamie Hampton, who has commuted by bicycle for more than 15 years in San Diego, is an incessant advocate for bike friendly roads and culture. She has led community workshops, presented at a statewide conference and leverages her power as a business owner to communicate to city officials that bicycling infrastructure in San Diego is good for businesses.

According to Hampton, the most significant (and fun) action taken by the company in the last year was 100 percent employee involvement in this year’s Bike to Work Day, including one staff who rode a bicycle for the first time and several who rode to work for the first time.

On a larger scale, since its inception, Mixte has been the PR machine behind the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, which advocates for all people who ride in San Diego County. Hampton is a founding member of the nonprofit Business for Good, which runs advocacy campaigns uniting small business owners to advocate for improved bike infrastructure and to support disruptions like dockless bike share.