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Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce to Hold Civic Champion Workshop

Carlsbad CA— The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce will hold its Civic Champion Workshop Series on August 16 and August 23 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and will educate, inform and equip civic-minded citizens with the tools needed to make a difference during the elections and beyond.

An election year is always a good opportunity to become more engaged in a community’s civic life. This year, the phrase “all politics is local” rings true in Carlsbad as the following seats are up for election in 2018: Mayor, District 1 Council Member, District 3 Council Member, City Clerk and City Treasurer. In addition, there are a lot of state races that will be decided, so staying informed is our civic duty.

This two-part nonpartisan seminar series will provide a wealth of resources and allow participants to network with business and civic leaders. The workshop will help people navigate the ins and outs of the election process, learn ways to get involved in campaigns, how to hold elected officials accountable once the election is over, and how to remain engaged during non-election years.

“The main idea here is to teach people the multiple ways they have to get involved. This means doing things that go beyond casting a vote, which of course, it is incredibly important,” said Toni Padron, Executive Vice President/COO of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Padron believes a lot of people wrongly think that their votes don’t count and get disillusioned with the process, when the opposite is true. “At a local level, every vote makes a difference, and being informed, supporting a candidate, volunteering makes you realize that you are not powerless,” she added.

Tickets for the event are $40 and include both sessions. For more information and to register for the workshop, please visit https://www.carlsbad.org/.

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