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Notes and Quotes: August 18, 2018

Observations to Think About

By Tom Morrow

“Those people who dislike or are bored with history no doubt had a boring history teacher.”

“The defining event of the 20th century was World War II. It defined Germany as a nation bent on self-destruction; England as a people of relentless survival; the Soviet Union as an example of failed socialism; and the United States as a super power capable of untold achievement.”

“If you don’t think America was ever ‘that great,’ just ask someone who lived through World War II from New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Great Britain, France, Holland, Belgium and the north African states.”

“California is living proof that gold will tarnish.”


SCAG SEZ: “Nothing changes in politics – the parties out of power want to take the ruling party out of your hair so they can get into your pocket!”– Cecil Scaglione, www.maturelifefeatures.com

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