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SDG&E and Sempra Energy Finish Race to 500 Two Years Ahead of Schedule

10% SDG&E Employees Drive Electric Vehicles and Help Reduce Air Pollution and Carbon Emissions

San Diego County CA— In support of local and statewide goals to reduce transportation-related air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and its parent company, Sempra Energy, have finished their Race to 500 two years ahead of schedule – hitting the target of 500 employees transitioning to driving electric vehicles in 2018, instead of 2020.

The 500th company employee purchased an electric vehicle within the last month. Of the 500 zero or low emissions vehicles driven by employees of the two companies, 400 belong to SDG&E employees. That means 10 percent of SDG&E’s employees have made the transition to driving either fully electric or hybrid vehicles. Currently, about 420,000 electric vehicles are on the road in California, where approximately 27 million people hold driver’s licenses.

“Our employees understand that transportation – the daily commute to and from work, school, stores, etc. – make up the largest source of carbon emissions in our communities, and they want to do their part to help build a more sustainable future for our region by switching to clean air vehicles,“ said SDG&E Chief Operating Officer Caroline Winn who drives an EV. “And frankly, many of our employees have found that driving electric vehicles is not just good for the environment, it can help them save money.”

The total cost of ownership associated with electric vehicles – taking into account state and federal incentives, fuel, maintenance and repair – is typically lower when compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines that burn gasoline. SDG&E customers who drive an EV are eligible for special pricing plans, which give them more control over their fueling costs. They can program their cars to charge at times when costs are the lowest – with one plan offering a super off-peak rate of 9 cents per kilowatt hour.

SDG&E first announced its Race to 500 initiative in October 2015. At that time, there were about 18,000 EVs in SDG&E’s service territory, which encompasses San Diego and southern Orange counties. Today, there are approximately 30,000 EVs in the region, which represents about 67 percent growth in less than three years. SDG&E supports its employees and the public’s transition to electric vehicles with information about various financial incentives, dealer discounts, and EV charging infrastructure, and EV charging pricing plans.

Transportation electrification is key to achieving California’s ambitious climate action goals, because the movement of people and goods – powered largely by gasoline-fueled vehicles – accounts for 41 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in California. That percentage is even higher in the City of San Diego – 54 percent.

SDG&E is an innovative San Diego-based energy company that provides clean, safe, and reliable energy to better the lives of the people it serves in San Diego and southern Orange counties. The company is committed to creating a sustainable future by providing around 45 percent of its electricity from renewable sources; modernizing natural gas pipelines; accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles; supporting numerous non-profit partners; and investing in innovative technologies to ensure the reliable operation of the region’s infrastructure for generations to come. SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE), an energy services holding company based in San Diego. For more information, visit SDGEnews.com or connect with SDG&E on Twitter (@SDGE), Instagram (@SDGE), and Facebook.