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Final Results for the 22nd Annual ‘Surf for the Sea’

Event Held September 8-9 at the Oceanside Harbor North Jetty

Oceanside CA— The 22nd Annual Surf for the Sea surf contest was held at the Oceanside North Jetty on Saturday and Sunday, September 8 and 9, 2018. This surfing event is in loving memory of the late Harry Bennett, Steve Leighton, Tore Bonura, Chuck “Clubber” Hundley, Banning Capps, Court Overin, John Craven, Midget Smith, Casey Williams, Chris Pompa, Michael Pultz, Susie Prestie, John Douglas, Brandon Dreyer, Logan Lipton and Brooks Mackin.  They are all our local family of surfers who have passed away.

This is an annual memorial event supporting the Environment with proceeds going to The Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Chapter, to help raise awareness and help protect our ocean, waves and beaches. 190 competitors received an event T-Shirt designed by Josh Potter, lunch catered by Johnny Manana’s Restaurant and a chance at many raffle prizes including surfboards, skateboards, wetsuits, backpacks, t-shirts and hats.

Local merchants and sponsors who help make this event a success year after year are: Asylum Surf Shop, Bodyglove, Byrne Surfboards, Chemistry Surfboards, Dragon Optical, Eco Water, Firewire, Go Pro, Grom, Hurley, Johnny Mananas, PCH Mortgage & Real Estate, Josh Potter Art, Smith Optics, Skate One/Peralta Skateboards, Standard Graphics, Sticky Bumps Wax, SUPERBRAND Surfboards, Surface Sun Systems, Surfride Board Shop, The Engravers Gallery, The Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter, WSA (Western Surfing Association), Crummer Photography, and Scholastic Surf Series. The raffle was made possible by all the generous donations of local merchants and the surfing industry. A very big thank you to everyone for helping to make this another successful year for Surf for the Sea.

Surfboard Winners

  • Andrea Leighton, Oceanside               Byrne Surfboard
  • Kailey Newtson, Vista                          Chemistry Surfboard
  • Mason Molnar, San Marcos                  SuperBrand Surfboard

Pro/Am Open

  1. Brian Perez  $300    El Salvador
  2. Vince Alessi $200    Oceanside
  3. Vinnie Fornari $150    Oceanside
  4. Nic Holdman $100    San Diego
Men (18-24)
  1. Brian Perez El Salvador
  2. Adam Hanson Vista
  3. Makaiah Spiess Carlsbad
Masters (25-34)
  1. Jameson Newtson Oceanside
  2. Daniel Ward Oceanside
  3. Carson Smith Vista
  4. Sohei Togari Japan
  5. Roth Lewallen Encinitas
Senior Men (35-49)
  • Igor Lumertz Oceanside
  • Scott Quarrie Oceanside
  • Jared Denham Oceanside
  • Jose Velasquez San Diego
Legends (50 +)
  1. Keith Bybee Carlsbad
  2. Steve Wise Vista
  3. Mike Risko  Oceanside
  4. Tom Steenbock  Oceanside
Junior Bodyboard
  1. Andrew Dafnis San Marcos
  2. Steven Leste Oceanside
  3. Andrew Leste Oceanside
Micro Groms (6 & Under)
  1. Cruz Freyre Costa Mesa
  2. Satya Aguilar San Clemente
  3. Tyler Stanton Encinitas
  4. Reese Sherman Cardiff
Micro Grom Boys (8 & under)
  1. Brody Buck Encinitas
  2. Finn McCarty San Clemente
  3. Bodhi Aguilar San Clemente
  4. Apollo Bennett Oceanside
  5. Brody Dinsmore  Cardiff
  6. Sawyer Abing   Seal Beach
Grommet Boys (12 & Under)
  1. Titus Santucci San Marcos
  2. Alex Fuller Dana Point
  3. Timothy Simmers Oceanside
  4. Kai Williams Carlsbad
  5. Kai Anderson Cardiff
  6. Eeli Timperi Encinitas
Boys (13-14)
  1. Lewis Aberle San Diego
  2. Harrison Gardner Cardiff
  3. Luke Butterfield Encinitas
  4. Timothy Simmers Oceanside
  5. Cameron Sheahan Carlsbad
  6. Evan Wisdon Newport Beach
Junior Men (15-17)
  1. Chance Hendricks Oceanside
  2. Ari Engel San Diego
  3. Toby Dussault Cardiff
  4. Brandon Pugsley Oceanside
Micro Grom Girls (8 & Under)
  1. Shea Sherman Cardiff
  2. Hayden Suess Oceanside
  3. Tyler Stanton Encinitas
  4. Lily Suess Oceanside
  5. Addyson Love Oceanside
  6. Brynley Beckman Encinitas
Gromette Girls  (12 & under)
  1. Sara Freyre   Costa Mesa
  2. Avery McDonald  San Clemente
  3. Hayden Suess Oceanside
  4. Zoe Zentic Oceanside
  5. Taylor Cunningham Oceanside
  6. Kaia Howard Encinitas
Girls (15 & Under)
  1. Sierra Downer San Clemente
  2. Sofia Freyre Costa Mesa
  3. Reese Hartnett San Clemente
  4. Skylie Knowles Oceanside
Open Women Shortboard
  1. Coral McDuffee Oceanside
  2. Hannah Yates   San Marcos
  3. Dresden Rowlett Carlsbad
  4. Crystal da Silva Carlsbad
Open Womens Longboard
  1. Zoe Goldstein Carlsbad
  2. Mikya Farner Oceanside
  3. Cheska Pecororo Carlsbad
Junior Longboard (25 & under)
  1. Mason Molnar Carlsbad
  2. Riley Kraatz Carlsbad
  3. Cole Carillo Oceanside
  4. Owen Loughery Carlsbad
Senior Longboard (26 & over)
  1. Ryan Leighton Oceanside
  2. Shea Roney San Diego
  3. Scott Quarrie Oceanside
  4. Dennis MacFaden Oceanside

For more information, please contact Carolyn Krammer, Contest Director at (760) 439-0863 or carolnoceanside@cs.com.