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McAlister Institute Receives $35,000 Grant from Kaiser Foundation Hospital

San Diego CA— McAlister Institute has received a $35,000 grant​ from Kaiser Foundation Hospital to partner with the Chula Vista City Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team to provide, “Work for Hope,” a job training program. ​The grant will fill gaps in self-sufficiency and facilitate long-term recovery by offering homeless individuals living in Chula Vista a means of gaining work experience, earning wages towards self-sufficiency, receiving case management support and referral services, and ultimately securing permanent work and housing.

Homeless individuals will be vetted for work to occupy their time constructively while earning a stipend, receiving vocational rehabilitation training, life skills instruction, building a work history for future employment and gaining an overall sense of dignity and pride in themselves. Participants will receive work training up to four hours a day, three days per week, for a total of 12 hours each week. After 30 days of successful participation in the work program, participants will receive case management linkage to services and temporary housing. Continued progress in the work program will result in the participant being recommended and referred to full-time employment with community partners.

In order to address other employment barriers: the project will utilize a van as a means of transporting the work crews to work assignment locations. Toiletries and showering facilities will be available at the end of each work day. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and water will also be provided. McAlister Institute will administer the project via the agency’s South Bay program, which currently provides homeless outreach and case management services to clients with substance use and co-occurring disorders within the South Bay region.

McAlister Institute helps bring life-saving services in substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, life skills education, and vocational training to individuals who could not otherwise afford help. McAlister Institute serves approximately 11,000 individuals annually.