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(Photo courtesy: City of Oceanside)

Oceanside’s Senior Citizen of the Year Announced

Oceanside CA— The Oceanside City Council, the Parks & Recreation Division, Parks & Recreation Commission and the Senior Citizen Standing Committee announced twelve nominees for the Senior of the Year Award in Oceanside at the October 11, 2018 Senior Expo. The nominees were Donna Anderson, Dave Edwards, Beverly Hodges, Carol Kimmitt, James “Jimmy” Knott III, Phyllis Koons, Flo Livers, Christy Peco, Anita Romaine, Steve Stewart, Shirley Thralls, and Linda Walshaw.

James “Jimmy” Knott III was chosen as Oceanside’s Senior of the Year 2018.

On Thursday, October 11 at noon, Councilman Jack Feller presented a Proclamation to James “Jimmy” Knott III.  Jimmy has resided in Oceanside for over twenty-five years; he is a retired California State University at San Diego Learning Resource Center Technician.  He is a member of the Oceanside Senior Citizens Association Nutrition Program’s fundraising efforts for the past twenty years. He has been a volunteer on many City of Oceanside Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees (Telecommunication, Utilities, Water Quality Standards Standing Committee, Bio-Solids Research, and the Oceanside Blvd. Redevelopment Project).  Jimmy has been an ombudsman and advocate for senior citizens in the City of Oceanside, and he has attended almost every City Council meeting for the past 25 years.

Mr. Knott is an inspiration to the community as he gives back with his time and talent.  Councilman Jack Feller commented, “Oceanside is so fortunate to have such an accomplished and impressively active community member such as James “Jimmy” Knott III.”

Oceanside Parks & Recreation accepts nominations for Senior of the Year each August, selections are made in September, and the award is presented annually at the Chamber of Commerce Senior Expo each October.  James “Jimmy” Knott III’s name has been engraved on the Perpetual Plaque that hangs at Oceanside’s Country Club Senior Center.  He was awarded a $50.00 gift certificate, and Councilman Jack Feller declared it “James Jimmy Knott Day – Senior of the Year” on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

For questions about senior activities, enrichment classes, special events, swimming lessons, day camps, sports camps and other Oceanside Parks and Recreation programs go to www.oceansiderec.com, call (760) 435-5041, or Facebook “Oceanside Parks & Recreation.”