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(Photo: Barbara Frigiere)

Singing Drummer Lindsay Beaver Brings Alligator Records Debut to Oceanside- November 6

Special guest-Laura Chavez

Oceanside CA— Blues-rocking, soul-singing drummer, songwriter and bandleader Lindsay Beaver celebrates the release of her Alligator Records debut CD, TOUGH AS LOVE, with a live performance on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 8:00pm at the Thunderbird Analog Recording Studio, 1715 S. Freeman St. in Oceanside.

On the album and on stage, Beaver makes an immediate and unforgettable impression. Standing front and center at her kit, singing every song from the depths of her soul, she delivers blues, R&B and old school rock ‘n’ roll with punk rock energy, and sings with a voice brimming with attitude and soulfulness.

Beaver comes at every song with urgent intensity, soul-baring emotion, a distinct swagger and a take-no-prisoners confidence. With influences ranging from Little Richard to The Ramones, from Billie Holiday to Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsay has crafted a timeless sound and personal style that simply cannot be denied.

“She’s like the love child of Amy Winehouse and Little Richard.” –Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records president 

“When I first started out, I couldn’t find a singer I liked and I couldn’t find a drummer I liked, so I decided to do both.” –Lindsay Beaver 

TOUGH AS LOVE, produced by Beaver, was recorded in Lindsay’s current hometown of Austin, Texas. She wrote seven of the album’s twelve tracks, the striking originals melding seamlessly with the perfectly-chosen covers. Her deep understanding of blues and roots rock traditions is a launching pad for her songs, combining electric urgency with skill and finesse. TOUGH AS LOVE honors some of Beaver’s inspirations (including songs by Little Willie John, Angela Strehli and Art Neville) while introducing her own unforgettable songs. Along with her touring band-guitarist Brad Stivers and bassist Josh Williams (“they are the glue that holds it all together,” she says)-well-known friends including Marcia Ball, Dennis Gruenling, Laura Chavez, Eve Monsees and Sax Gordon all add their talents to the proceedings. According to Beaver, “These are all folks that I’ve admired or wanted to perform with for
years. It was important for me to highlight people that have inspired me.” From the first song to the last, TOUGH AS LOVE is rough and raw, fearless and moving.

Over the course of her career, Beaver self-released five albums by her previous band, the 24th Street Wailers, producing three of them. TOUGH AS LOVE is her first release under her own name. She has toured Canada, the United States and large swaths of Europe, and will be back on the road bringing her new music directly to the people, earning new fans at every stop. “I like music with drive and passion,” she says. “I write what I know and I sing what I know. At my shows, I want people to have fun and to be moved. I want everyone to be inspired to dance and I want at least some people to be moved to tears. And I definitely want every person to go home saying, ‘I’m never going to forget this.'”