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Oceanside Declares “Extra Mile Day”- November 1

Oceanside CA— Mayors across the United States are recognizing a growing movement that is dedicated to encouraging individuals and organizations to “go the extra mile” in service and volunteerism. On November 1, 550+ mayors are expected to declare “Extra Mile Day” and Oceanside and Mayor Peter Weiss join the list.

 Extra Mile Day celebrates individuals and organizations that have chosen to create positive change in their communities by going the extra mile. Mayor Weiss’ declaration and the Extra Mile campaign are reminders that we each have the power to create positive change in our own lives and in the lives of others when we go the extra mile.
“It’s easy to complain about everything we see going on around us,” says Extra Mile Day Founder Shawn Anderson. “The ‘go the extra mile’ message, though, gives people an alternative to just throwing their arms in the air and saying ‘I give up.’ Extra Mile Day is a small reminder of the power we each have to create positive change at any time on any day.”
The Extra Mile Day movement started in 2009 with non-bicyclist Anderson making a symbolic 4,000 mile solo bike ride across the U.S. during which he interviewed 200 people identified as “going the extra mile” in either accomplishing something unique or in overcoming major tragedy. From an inaugural 23 cities in 2009 to over 550 in 2018, Extra Mile Day and the “go the extra mile” message is taking root and spreading across the country.
“Going the extra mile is doing more than the normal…more than expected. Going the extra mile is getting back up after we’ve been knocked down…despite whatever has happened,” Anderson says. “Going the extra mile is where change starts.”