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Notes and Quotes- November 10, 2018

However Did We Do Without Them?

By Tom Morrow

It’s amazing how many products, items, and facilities we took for granted as children no longer exist.

How ‘bout those Smith Brothers and their cough drops. How could we ever have gotten along without LePage’s glue? And, how ever did Mom do before she got that new washing machine with the gearshift?

Did your Mom have your baby shoes “bronzed?” I don’t think anyone would consider doing such a thing in these so-called “modern times.”

I forgot to mention “Studebaker” automobiles a few weeks back. The company was making Calistoga covered wagons back as far as the Civil War before they put motors on those wheels. By the way, the term “Stogie” refers to homemade cigars pioneers used to make while on the trail to new lands. They kept their “makings” in their Calistoga wagons.

Classic Quote: “The four stages of man are infancy, childhood, adolescence, and obsolescence.” – Art Linkletter

SCAG SEZ: “When the boss complains that he was awake all last night solving problems, you can expect a list of proposals that will keep you awake all night tonight.” — Cecil Scaglione, www.maturelifefeatures.com

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