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Janet Lawless Christ (courtesy photo)

Rancho Santa Fe Realtor Janet Lawless Christ Launches Joyworks Network Campaign to Impact Philanthropic Causes

San Diego CA— Joyworks Network is a new innovative enterprise offering a gateway into individual philanthropy. Founder of Joyworks Network, Realtor Janet Lawless Christ of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Rancho Santa Fe, shares how JoyWorks is a for-profit endeavor which has a charitable arm.

“JoyWorks is unique in that 27 percent of the of monies that come into it will go toward educational and environmental causes in addition to animal stewardship which is so underfunded and underserved — heightening awareness and funds will provide a profound impact,” Lawless Christ says. “The remaining percentage is funneled back into Joyworks so that it continues to donate to those causes that need it most.”

JoyWorks Network serves the individual needs of its donors by harnessing a socially conscious lifestyle brand.

“Our mission is to help individuals choose a life of joy through a variety of ways such as content, products, and charitable giving,” Lawless Christ says. “We strive to provide a focus-centered inspiration on environmental education, animal stewardship, philanthropy, arts and culture, to promote health, fitness, and mindfulness, and to empower people to support one another while achieving their potential.”

First, Joyworks will enhance the user experience by offering its subscribers an array of options like inspiring stories and content on its website. Other Joyworks integration tools are its upcoming app, Instagram TV, YouTube, and social media outlets. Subscribers can joyously wade through uplifting stories and how others before them have beaten the odds.

“We’re selling what people are seeking – it’s choosing joy as a way of life and reminding people never to let anything steal your joy. While the purpose for this content is to help others, it’s also raising awareness in how we all can become impact-driven philanthropists even in the smallest way,” Lawless Christ explains.

Second, JoyWorks will introduce its seasonal box experience for its subscribers.

“Nestled inside our environmentally-friendly boxes will be joyous products such as organic beauty products, flowers and succulents, pet products, and more,” Lawless Christ says. “Our future subscribers will be thrilled to know that 27 percent of the seasonal box proceeds will go towards philanthropic causes that we care about deeply.”

Third, Lawless Christ will be donating 72 percent of net commission from a listing or buyer who brings her on as their Realtor at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Rancho Santa Fe who has heard of JoyWorks or wants to share its vision.

“At this stage in my real estate career, it’s not about making money, but rather focusing on the causes and organizations which need the funds — this is how much JoyWorks means to me,” Lawless Christ said.

Joining Lawless Christ on her JoyWorks Network enterprise are Moira Delaney, Amanda Brown, Caitlin MacMillen, Sonia Miro, August Graham, Sarah Anderson, Lea Clay Park, Roxy Najafian, Lisa Price, Kathy Woodworth, and Tasha Ardalan.

“Having these women onboard means that the stars have aligned and these diverse women with equally diverse talents can gather to make so much more than the sum of our parts. It defies the laws of physics when joy and magic come together,” Lawless Christ says.

About JoyWorks Network

JoyWorks is a socially conscious lifestyle brand with the mission to help people choose joy and lead a life of joy through content, products, and charitable giving. We strive to uplift and educate children globally, to inspire environmental and animal stewardship, to promote health, fitness and mindfulness, and to empower people to support each other and achieve their potential. To learn more about JoyWorks visit http://joyworksnetwork.com/

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