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Rapid Growth Spurs MantelMount’s Move to New Corporate Headquarters in Carlsbad

Carlsbad CA— Thanks to the impressive 50% growth rate the company has experienced in each year of its existence, MantelMount, the premier, award-winning pulldown mount for flatscreen televisions, is relocating its corporate headquarters as of December 1, 2018.

The new location, which encompasses almost 50% more square footage, is nestled in the Bressi Ranch area of Carlsbad.  Along with the move to larger accommodations is a significant increase in staff: the company says that it will be doubling its current employee count to cover the ongoing buildup of demand for all models of its popular pulldown TV mount.

According to Lee Marc, CEO of MantelMount, the relocation is a reflection of the popularity of the company’s flagship product, among both consumers and the pro channel.

“We’ve experienced a 50% growth rate in sales since the company’s inception in 2015,” Marc explained.  “Consumers have obviously embraced our unique yet simple solution to a very common problem.  And our dealer base has grown substantially as well, with an almost 500% growth increase in the past year.

“Clearly, our product has resonated within the public and within the industry.  And with that success comes the need to expand.”

The address of the new location is 2647 Gateway Rd., Suite 105–435, Carlsbad CA 92009.

MantelMount offers four models of pulldown mounts: The MM340 and MM540, and two pro versions: the MM700 and MM750.  While each model offers some distinct features, they all provide some common functionality; most notably, the ability to move vertically and thus allow the user to bring their TV down from above a fireplace or high on a wall to eye level (the perfect viewing angle).  This not only enhances the viewing experience and improves picture resolution, it eliminates the potential for neck and back pain associated with watching a TV mounted too high.

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