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Scholastic Surf Series San Diego Middle Schools Division 2 Results

Oceanside CA— Well it was another amazing day of surfing for our SDMS Division 2 surfers.  As expected the offshore wind was cold blowing down the river valley but it also made for some awesome conditions.  The lefts in the south area were providing some pretty perfect waves as well as the rights from the north area.  There were great conditions all day long with a little bump in the afternoon but very thankful for the conditions.  Oceanside Middle School took its second Team win of the season with outstanding performances by Ryan Risko winning the Double Double gift certificate for double wins in Boys Shortboard and Boys Longboard and Oceanside’s Taylor Cunningham took the win in Girls Shortboard followed by Skylie Knowles 2nd in Girls Shortboard followed by Star D’Elia taking the win in Girls Longboard and Steven Leste taking the win in Bodyboard. The Oceanside Middle School Surf Team had a lot to be thankful for heading into this Thanksgiving Holiday.  We wish everyone a safe Thanksgiving Holiday and wish our SSS teams and families to the north a speedy recovery from the devastating fires.

Team Results Div 2

Ryan Risko (courtesy photo)


  1. Oceanside              180
  2. Oak Crest “B”      164
  3. Oak Crest “A”     121
  4. Valley      102
  5. Coronado        96
  6. Sanderling        88
  7. Calavera Hills        72
  8. Pacific Beach        57
  9. Classical Academy 42
  10. High Tech 2

Individual Results Div 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Ryan Risko, Oceanside
  2. Sage Stern, Sanderling
  3. Bryson Palmer, Oak Crest “B”
  4. Lachlan McDermott, Oak Crest “B”
  5. Ryder Smith, Oceanside
  6. Wyatt Tudor, Oak Crest “B”

Boys Longboard

  1. Ryan Risko, Oceanside
  2. Wyatt Tudor, Oak Crest “B”
  3. Noah Davis, Sanderling
  4. Shane Gillard, Coronado
  5. William Kreissig, Oceanside
  6. Nevin McDearman, Oak Crest “B”

Girls Shortboard

  1. Taylor Cunningham, Oceanside
  2. Skylie Knowles, Oceanside
  3. Elena Olszak, Oak Crest “B”
  4. Helena Graney, Oak Crest “B”
  5. Cami Currie, Oak Crest “B”
  6. Marianna Dick, Coronado

 Girls Longboard

  1. Star D’Elia, Oceanside
  2. Rylie Brenden, Coronado
  3. Hana Cosby, Valley “B”
  4. Zoe Searles, Coronado
  5. Cami Currie, Oak Crest “B”
  6. Avalon Besso, Calavera Hills

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Steven Leste, Oceanside
  2. Noah Berry, Valley “B”
  3. Kaleb Dasher, Sanderling
  4. Westin Thornbury, Calavera Hills
  5. Rawleigh McKinley, Oak Crest “A”
  6. Tucker Oien, Oak Crest “B”
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