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CARES Initiative Provides Much-Needed Opportunities to Address Mental Health in Those Affected by Cancer

The Seany Foundation hosts events to open discussions around mental health related to cancer

Resources educate families about leading healthy lives after diagnosis

San Diego CA—  A cancer diagnosis can take a serious toll on the mental health and wellness of an entire family, yet people still feel it taboo to discuss. That’s why The Seany Foundation created the CARES initiative to establish a new norm and create a support network for families related to this additional aspect of cancer treatment.

“As a cancer survivor, I know firsthand how overwhelming it is to receive a cancer diagnosis,” says The Seany Foundation Chief Operations Officer Robby Medina. “The Seany Foundation helps families focus on education and mental health during a time when everything else can feel uncertain. The CARES initiative helps those dealing with a cancer diagnosis receive support and resources they otherwise would have to navigate alone.”
The CARES initiative, Cancer Advocate Resources Education Support (CARES), launched in 2017 and focuses on changing the relationship between cancer and mental health so that people can connect on an everyday level. The Seany Foundation hopes these ongoing free resources, workshops and discussions will help families thrive after cancer.
For example, at a November 17 CARES event, the Childhood Cancer Thrivership Symposium gathered parents, teachers and healthcare experts to learn the steps following a childhood cancer diagnosis. This day-long workshop hosted by The Seany Foundation and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society welcomed experts from the healthcare industry to discuss topics like cancer care plans, effects of treatment, mental health and education, all while families shared their personal experiences.
Next year, The Seany Foundation will continue the CARES initiative through free educational programs and resources for those affected by cancer. The next event focusing on mental health and well-being, Get Well Soon, will feature a holistic yoga retreat on January 26, 2019.
To reach those families who seek inspiration and education at their convenience, The Seany Foundation and Marriage and Family Therapist Kahila Hedayatzadeh, M.A. launched a podcast aligned with the CARES initiative called Cancer: The Easy Life. It connects with individuals around mental health and caring for their families throughout cancer diagnosis and treatment. Kahila’s experience in her career and as a life coach helps her to create a safe space for those affected by cancer to discuss the impact it has on their life.
To learn more about The Seany Foundation and follow along with initiatives like CARES, visit www.theseanyfoundation.org.