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(© Julia and Nancy Glen)

New Children’s Book Highlights Historic Oceanside

Oceanside CA— Sisters and co-authors Julia and Nancy Glen have teamed up to write a series of children’s books focused on the vibrant communities of Southern California.  The book series is intended to communicate the theme of friendship, family, inclusion, and the beautiful city of Oceanside is the first book released in the series.

(Click on image to enlarge illustration. © Julia and Nancy Glen)

“We attempted to weave throughout this illustrated children’s book titled “Oceanside Adventures”,  the history of Oceanside, current events and attractions to see.  It’s all about an overall theme of acceptance, inclusion and kindness while bringing the story of Oceanside to life for children,” says Julia Glen.

(Click on image to enlarge illustration. © Julia and Nancy Glen)

The story begins with a small bunny named Colton, who moves to Oceanside.  Everything around him feels foreign initially but as the story unfolds, he meets up with new friends that show him all the amazing things that this new city has to offer.  With each location they visit, there are historical notes that document the rich history of Oceanside, both past and present.

“Palmquist Elementary recently hosted an Author’s Visit for Oceanside Adventures and it was clear from the enthusiastic response of the students, that they hold great pride for their city.  As a group, they shared their favorite places and memories, added Nancy Glen.”

(Click on image to enlarge illustration. © Julia and Nancy Glen)

Julia and Nancy are committed to supporting Oceanside business as well as literacy programs through this project.  Their new book is available for purchase at several Oceanside businesses that are listed on their website at www.glencreations.com.

The sisters will also have books available for sale and signing at the First Friday Oceanside Art Walk to be held on Friday, December 7th from 5:00pm – 9:00pm at the Oceanside Marriott Spring Hill Suites.

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