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Chillin’ at the Wave Waterparks’ Penguin Plunge

Story and photos by
Lucy Wheeler

Vista CA— The line began early, anticipating the new adventure of a winter water plunge, prepared with towels and swimsuits and they came as families. Almost as many parents participated in the plunge as the youngsters; even a few grandparents jumped in too.

In order to make those who have lived in more frigid climates comfortable, a few ice cubes were added to lower the temperature (just a tad) and possibly to remind us of the great temperatures we have here in San Diego.

Mr. Penguin, dressed as Santa greeted the crowd as they entered, waving as people passed. His Elf took photos for participants who wanted their photos taken with the Penguin himself.

Then, after registering, it was time to climb to the top and slide into the cool, chilly water.

Some entered the water with a giant splash, others more timidly, some laughed, some shivered, some sputtered and one little guy just merely changed his mind and asked for help. The Wave was prepared and the lifeguards knew exactly what to do.

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Everyone received a Penguin Plunge certificate, a drinking mug and a raffle ticket, even the moms and dads who jumped in for the thrill.

One last plunge, then the raffle and by noon, all was quiet at the waterpark— at least until next spring when the water gets warmer.

There were certainly a lot of smiling faces throughout the event which added to the tone of a festive holiday season. Here’s one bet that the event will be back next year.


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