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Local North County Performers in the 2018 King of Beasts Wrestling Tournament

By David A. Willauer
Contributing Writer

Chula Vista  CA— The following North County Schools competed in the 2018 King of Beasts Wrestling Tournament that was held at Mater Dei High School in Chula Vista.

The Panthers of Vista High School finished in 3rd place with 153 points with the following performers; Isaac Alvarez 1st at 106, Christian Tingzon 2nd at 113, Matthew Nelson 2nd at 120, Jose Sanchez 5th at 152, Adolfo Bernabe 7th at 182, Lionel Turner 3rd at 195, Nathan Miller 2nd at 220.
The Oceanside Pirates finished in 13th place with 73 points; James Sosa 8th at 113, Michael Aguirre 2nd at 126, Carmelo Chapman 8th at 152, Shane Hansen 1st at 195 .
Escondido Cougars finished in 14th place with 64 points; Kevin Stark 4th place at 106, Max Grajalas 7th at 113, Isaac Munoz 7th at 126, Antonio Ramirez 2nd at 195, Melvin Pasqual 7th at 220 .
Guajome Park Academy finished in 17th place with 31 points; Bradon Ramer 7th at 132.

Complete Results

2018 King of Beasts Tournament for Wrestling at Mater Dei High School

1 Olympian OLYM 238.0
2 Poway POWY 177.0
3 Vista VIST 153.0
4 West Hills WEHI 146.5
5 Temescal Canyon Asb TCA 103.0
6 Bonita Vista BOVI 99.0
7 St Augustine STAU 95.0
8 Scripps Ranch SCRA 84.5
9 Holtville HOLT 82.0
10 Mater Dei Catholic MDC 79.5
11 San Diego SADI 76.5
12 Serra SERR 76.0
13 Oceanside OCEA 73.0
14 Escondido ESCO 64.0
15 Morse High School MHS 41.0
16 Montgomery MONT 38.0
17 Guajome Park Academy GPA 31.0
18 Otay Ranch OTY 29.0

Varsity – 106
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Isaac Alvarez Jr of Vista
2nd Place – Dominic Pacheco of St Augustine
3rd Place – Mitchell Hallmark of Scripps Ranch
4th Place – Kevin Stark of Escondido
5th Place – Benjamin Daluz of Olympian
6th Place – Nathan Viramontes of Scripps Ranch
7th Place – Carla Leon of San Diego
8th Place – Kenji Douglas of Bonita Vista
1st Place Match
Isaac Alvarez Jr (Vista) won by fall over Dominic Pacheco (St Augustine) (Fall 2:28)
3rd Place Match
Mitchell Hallmark (Scripps Ranch) won by decision over Kevin Stark (Escondido) (Dec 11-6)
5th Place Match
Benjamin Daluz (Olympian) won by rule over Nathan Viramontes (Scripps Ranch) (RULE)
7th Place Match
Carla Leon (San Diego) won by decision over Kenji Douglas (Bonita Vista) (Dec 14-10)

Varsity – 113
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Mikey McGruder of Poway
2nd Place – Christian Tingzon of Vista
3rd Place – Julian Gutierrez of Temescal Canyon Asb
4th Place – Brandon Dequito of Olympian
5th Place – Ayden Wohlford of Otay Ranch
6th Place – Ethan Ehrlich of San Diego
7th Place – Max Grajalas of Escondido
8th Place – James Sosa of Oceanside
1st Place Match
Mikey McGruder (Poway) won by fall over Christian Tingzon (Vista) (Fall 5:04)
3rd Place Match
Julian Gutierrez (Temescal Canyon Asb) won by rule over Brandon Dequito (Olympian) (RULE)
5th Place Match
Ayden Wohlford (Otay Ranch) won by rule over Ethan Ehrlich (San Diego) (RULE)
7th Place Match
Max Grajalas (Escondido) won by decision over James Sosa (Oceanside) (Dec 11-9)

Varsity – 120
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nicolas Demers of Mater Dei Catholic
2nd Place – Matthew Nelson of Vista
3rd Place – Luke Bosworth of Scripps Ranch
4th Place – Hans Estorco of Temescal Canyon Asb
5th Place – Jaydon Caoile of Olympian
6th Place – Adrian Ruz of St Augustine
7th Place – Isaac Munoz of Escondido
8th Place – Eduardo Perez of Montgomery
1st Place Match
Nicolas Demers (Mater Dei Catholic) won by decision over Matthew Nelson (Vista) (Dec 7-1)
3rd Place Match
Luke Bosworth (Scripps Ranch) won by rule over Hans Estorco (Temescal Canyon Asb) (RULE)
5th Place Match
Jaydon Caoile (Olympian) won by fall over Adrian Ruz (St Augustine) (Fall 2:28)
7th Place Match
Isaac Munoz (Escondido) won by fall over Eduardo Perez (Montgomery) (Fall 1:40)

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