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Wellness and Yoga Retreat to Benefit Childhood Cancer Community – January 26

San Diego CA— A childhood cancer diagnosis can take a serious toll on the mental health and wellness of an entire family. In order to address that strain, The Seany Foundation creates a support network for these families by creating programs to aid them through this difficult time. On January 26, 2019, yoga lovers will gather to enjoy the Get Well Soon wellness retreat and raise money for the organization to reach as many families as possible.

“The resources The Seany Foundation provides helped me through two cancer diagnoses, which is why I kept a positive mindset during the toughest of times,” says The Seany Foundation Director of Events Tiana LaCerva. “Not too many people address the many ways cancer affects a patient and their family. Learning about the connection between wellness and cancer helped me to move forward with less fear in my life.”
As part of The Seany Foundation’s programs, the Get Well Soon event invites the whole community to enjoy a holistic yoga retreat at Soledad Club in La Jolla focusing on education of self-care. Yoga teachers and childhood cancer experts will teach guided, gentle yoga, acupuncture and other mental health practices. Guests will come away from the four-hour retreat with techniques and a swag bag to help melt away stress in their daily life.
The Seany Foundation works year-round to provide the same mental health education to children and families faced with diagnosis during a time when positivity is not easy to call upon. In 2017, it created the CARES initiative (Cancer Advocate Resources Education Support) to focus on changing the relationship between cancer and mental health by focusing on understanding and education every day.
“Hosting this yoga retreat allows us to spread the word about our programs and fund future resources for families facing a cancer diagnosis,” says LaCerva. “Gathering our San Diego community to teach beneficial mindfulness habits and raise money for a good cause is the perfect way to encourage wellness practices within all walks of life.”
Community members seeking a wellness getaway can head to Get Well Soon on January 26 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. General tickets are $90 and VIP tickets are $125, both of which are available here. To learn more about The Seany Foundation and follow along with initiatives like CARES, visit www.theseanyfoundation.org.