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Is O’side City Council being fiscally responsible?

This city rocks!

And I for one would not like to see it go onto the “fiscal rocks”.

It seems there is a continuous stream of local announcements about great goings on. I see construction of this, demolition of that, improvements all over.

It begins to read as if I lived in a smaller version of Orange County, or Los Angeles, or New York City even?

Where is the money coming from in a city of less than 180,000 population.

The new Downtown resort hotel area project, now past planning and getting underway, will be funded by the developer and their construction companies.

On January 28, 2019…..The Oceanside Planning Commission will review a request by the city council for a General Plan Amendment for a project called North River Farms. This Plan Amendment will convert the many acres of farming area in the northern end of our city into a housing and commercial development opportunity.

That would be an enormous change for our small city culture. We now have such lovely beaches and ocean, a great harbor, the awesome presence of Camp Pendleton and our Marines, the beautiful and natural Guajome Park which includes a campground.

Suddenly again comes forth an unfunded $42 million project now in the works; the so called Melrose Extension/Gap project. Where will that money come from?

I would not like to see Oceanside go onto the “fiscal rocks”. I would not like to see new neighbors living adjacent Camp Pendleton whining about “the sound of Freedom”, I would not like to see the Guajome Park ecosystem destroyed.

-Richard Burton
Oceanside north city resident