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Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation Opening the 2019 Art Walls Series with Susie Zolghadri

Oceanside CA— Meet and talk with the artist, enjoy No Host wine bar, tasty treats February 14, 2019, 7:30,  at the Oside Bakery, 3919 Mission Ave, Suite 101. Enjoy live music with Robert Parker and the opportunity to win an original art piece.

”Early in my painting career I attended a workshop on visual journaling and fell in love with the process. The act of creatively expressing myself in a journal format captivated me. Along with satisfying myself creatively with art journaling, I began painting abstracts.”

Born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont. Memories of her childhood always brought her back to nature. The early flowers and  birds that welcome spring, the luscious green leaves and warm nights of summer, the beautiful, magical colors of autumn and the white snows of winter.

Currently residing in San Diego, she finds herself surrounded once again with nature. Mountains, desert and ocean inspire her to continue creating.

As a member of a professional artist group mentored by Kate Ashton of Ashton Art Gallery in San Diego, she exhibits regularly at Ashton Art Gallery and her paintings are part of many private collections. She also enjoys participating in some of San Diego’s outdoor art fairs including the ArtWalk series in Little Italy, Liberty Station and  Carlsbad.

“Every time I approach the canvas or journal page, I am ready to gain a deeper, truer understanding of my emotional and intellectual connection to life. There is always a reflection of my inner world, along with the gift of clarity and purpose. I paint intuitively, letting layers of paint, fabric, collage and paper interact and unfold into a story. When I discover the story within the painting, its meaning comes into focus. When the meaning is revealed to me, my painting is complete.”