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New Program to Keep Residents, Visitors Informed of Downtown O’side Development

Oceanside CA— MainStreet Oceanside and the City of Oceanside Economic Development Division has collaborated with 760 Marketing to highlight downtown’s growth and construction projects and keep the community informed as we are improving our infrastructure to attract new retailers and residents to Downtown Oceanside.

Over the next 2+ years there will be construction in downtown Oceanside. Upgrades will be made to storm drains, water and sewer lines, and new buildings will be constructed. A new parking garage will be opening and other spaces will be temporarily unavailable. New hotels and mixed-use properties are being constructed to develop the 9-Block Master Plan designed to revitalize Downtown Oceanside. This will give us more housing, and retail and commercial space to boost the economic vitality in Oceanside.

With these changes happening now, many opportunities will open for new and creative retailers to serve our consumer market. Rick Wright, Executive Director of MainStreet Oceanside said, “Our retail offerings are fairly low and we strongly believe that we can compete with online shopping by recruiting experiential and unique brick and mortar businesses for our community.” These projects are estimated to bring 217 new residential homes, create over 1000 jobs, and offer over 39,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. That directly supports our Oceanside community and gives residents and businesses more choices, options and opportunities, as well as new revenue to support services for residents.

We have created a comprehensive marketing campaign to inform our locals and visitors about what’s to come and expect while visiting your favorite business. Under the headline of ‘Building A Stronger Foundation for our Downtown’, our public campaign is all about how visitors and locals live, work and play in Downtown Oceanside, and it asks the question ‘How Do YOU Oside?’ This collaborative approach is about both providing information on construction and parking as we grow, and involving the public in our downtown community. #HowDoYouOside can connect with residents through social media outlets and websites for information about construction, parking and upcoming meetings. We are asking the public to sign up via text message or email by visiting www.HowDoYouOside.com/sign-up. This information will alert you to street closures, parking options, shopping and dining choices and outreach meetings before visiting Downtown Oceanside.

If you have any questions regarding Oceanside revitalization efforts, please email us at Construction@MainStreetOceanside.com.

About MainStreet Oceanside

MainStreet Oceanside is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a pedestrian friendly community with unique and exciting attractions including both daytime and evening activities for residents and visitors alike.

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