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Workers install fencing around two block in downtown as construction begins on two resort hotels.

Work Gets Underway on Two Oceanside Beachfront Resort Hotels

Jeremy Cohen, S.D. Malkin-Senior Vice-president

Oceanside CA— Workers began installing fences around two lots in downtown Oceanside as officials from SD Malkin Properties, Inc. Hyatt and the City of Oceanside held a celebratory groundbreaking ceremony for two resort hotels, on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. The project with 161 guest rooms and suites by Joie de Vivre Hotels and a 226-room Destination Hotels brand resort is expected to be the largest beachfront development on the San Diego coastline in more than 20 years.

For Jeremy Cohen, S.D. Malkin-Senior Vice-president, the process of getting this project underway has been a fourteen and a half year undertaking. “A lot of people say; congratulations. It’s done. Well now begins the fulfilling of our promise to the people of Oceanside that we will bring them something of quality. Something that relates to the community. Something that will bring joy to the visitors who come here, give back to the city of Oceanside over time and try to do that with integrity,” said Mr. Cohen.

“This project has been years in the making,” said Oceanside Mayor Peter Weiss during the ceremony. “This project has transcended a number of City Councils and commissions. The members have changed over the years but there has always been a commitment, on the part of the city, to advance this project,” continued the Mayor, “This project was intended to transform the downtown. If you look around, the Oceanside food, art, and local business scene have reached the destination stage. This project will raise the bar forever more.”

Construction actually began prior to the groundbreaking. Core samples have been taken and hazardous material removed from the Graves House (aka Top Gun House) which was featured in the popular 1980s film. The work is being done in preparation for the house to be moved one block north where it will be a part of the Joie de Vivre Hotel and serve as a restaurant.

S.D. Malkin has partnered with the Oceanside Museum of Art. “They are our cultural partners in making this hotel unique, relevant and distinctly local,” said Jeremy Cohen. “There is going to be some excitement and activity here in the years to come to add to the vitality that’s been growing in Oceanside over the last ten or fifteen years.”

The project is scheduled to be completed and open in 2020.

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