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“Refuel Your Fun” with Propane Cylinder Giveaway in O’side

Bring in Empty Single-Use 1 lb. Propane Cylinders, Receive a Free Reusable Cylinder

Oceanside CA— The City of Oceanside and the California Product Stewardship Council welcome the public to a Propane Cylinder Exchange Event at U-Haul of Oceanside, located 802 S. Coast Hwy. Oceanside residents are encouraged to bring empty new or used one-pound propane cylinders in exchange for a free, more eco-friendly reusable one-pound propane cylinder. There is a limit of one reusable per resident, but residents are welcome to bring more than one empty new or used one-pound cylinder for proper recycling.

“It is estimated that Californians buy 4 million single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders each year costing governments and taxpayers thousands of dollars in clean-up,” said Jordan Wells, Special Projects Manager II of the California Product Stewardship Council. California State Beaches have banned wood or charcoal fires, which will likely result in increased use of 1 lb. propane cylinders. “These cylinders pose a danger to sanitation workers when discarded in the trash or recycling as they are hazardous waste and cause explosions and fires. That is why the law requires citizens to bring cylinders to household hazardous waste facilities.”

The “ReFuel Your Fun” Campaign encourages Californians to switch from the outdated and wasteful single-use 1 lb.  propane cylinders to the new reusable cylinders to fuel small stoves, portables grills, lanterns, and even lawn equipment and scooters. Consumers save money with reusable propane cylinders after only four refills, as well as avoid the hassle of finding proper disposal options, all while protecting the environment.

When buying single-use cylinders, the consumer is often spending the majority of their money on packaging. In addition, the hot rolled steel packaging is extremely energy intensive to make and embodies many greenhouse gas emissions. Not only do new reusable cylinders function the same as their single-use counterparts, they can also be refilled and reused for up to 12 years. The cost to refill a reusable is only about $2, while purchasing a brand-new single-use cylinder can cost twice as much, if not more. Reusables can save you money and are far more beneficial for the environment, saving precious energy resources.

Reusable 1 lb. propane cylinders are available year-round at these participating retailers in the City of Oceanside:

  • U-Haul of Oceanside (Sells and Refills Reusables) 802 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • West Marine (Sells Empty Reusables) 1719 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA 92054

To find a location to buy and refill near you visit www.refuelyourfun.org.

ReFuel Your Fun Campaign is funded by a grant from CalRecycle and made possible through a partnership with the City of Oceanside, Green Oceanside campaign, and California Product Stewardship Council. The Green Oceanside campaign was established to educate residents businesses and visitors about how to be better stewards of the earth and to implement programs that protect and conserve natural resources. Through collaboration and partnerships between City departments, local businesses, community groups, schools, and residents, the Green Oceanside campaign provides an avenue for the public to learn how to actively protect the environment through community involvement and engagement.