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Oceanside Based HireAHelper’s Migration Study Finds more People Moving Out of California than Moving In

Oceanside CA— Headquartered in Oceanside, HireAHelper, an online marketplace for hiring hourly mover labor anywhere in the United States, completed a study on where Americans are moving. The Hybrid Moving Migration Study analyzes all of the Hybrid Moves booked through HireAHelper over the past year (31,000+), combined with US Census data, to gain a better understanding of where people are moving to and from, and the true numbers behind a typical move in the United States.

While other migration studies typically look at mortgage or full-service mover data only, this study looks beyond the status quo of home ownership or the ability to afford a full service moving company. Instead, this study identifies migration patterns based on more than 31,000 “hybrid moves” in 2018. A “Hybrid Move” combines the do-it-yourself approach with loading and unloading help from moving professionals. This approach paints a more accurate portrait of the average American move as it accounts for non-homeowners and those moving on a tight budget.

Oceanside was the only California city in the study’s top 20 for a net loss in 2018. Oceanside ranked 10th among U.S. cities with the largest net loss of movers. Oceanside saw 28.8% more people moving out, rather than moving in. Roswell Georgia was number one with a 56.8% net loss of movers. Broomfield, Colorado, located halfway between Boulder and Denver, had a 53.5% net gain of movers, the highest in the country.

Last year, California had a net loss of 13.3% more people moving out of the state than moving in and is the state of origin for half of the 10 most common interstate moves. California to Texas is the most common interstate move.  Californians are also moving to Arizona(3rd), Washington(5th), Oregon(6th), Nevada(7th). Florida to Texas and Texas to Colorado round out the top 10.

San Diego ranked 9th (L.A.17th) for “cities people moved to” and 7th for “cities people moved from” (L.A. 18th).

The west appears to be the best. Of the 20 cities that were a top destination, 13 of them were west of the Mississippi River.

To view the migration report and learn more about HireAHelper, visit https://www.hireahelper.com/moving-statistics/migration-report/