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Lyft San Diego Launches Year-Long Safety and Sustainability Campaign

Collaborates with Circulate San Diego, Climate Action Campaign to Improve Dangerous Intersections, Establish Protected Bike, Scooter Lanes

San Diego CALyft has announced the launch of its San Diego County safety and sustainability campaign. The transportation network will roll out a variety of efforts and partnerships over the next 12 months, starting with partnerships with two of San Diego’s leading environmental organizations: Circulate San Diego and Climate Action Campaign.

Lyft is committing $30,000 total to the organizations as well as leading its own initiatives. Efforts will support San Diego’s existing strategies, including Vision Zero, with a goal of reducing traffic deaths to zero by 2025, and the Climate Action Plan, which calls for the elimination of half of all greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, among other goals.

“As a multi-modal leader in San Diego, Lyft is proud to work with public and private partners to take meaningful action that directly makes an impact on our cities,” said Lyft San Diego Market Manager Hao Meng. “We’re committed to improving the overall safety of our roads and community.”

Street Safety
Lyft’s $15,000 commitment in support of the nonprofit Circulate San Diego will promote safe and accessible public transportation, active transportation and sustainable growth.

“With this support from Lyft, we will continue to raise awareness about the importance of Vision Zero, calling for improved safety on local streets, including crosswalks and signal timers in dangerous intersections,” said Colin Parent, Circulate San Diego executive director and general counsel. “We thank Lyft for its commitment to safety and sustainability and look forward to working with the organization on more projects throughout the year.”

Lyft will also roll out a series of safety resources for riders and drivers, such as “Look Out for Bikes and Scooters” decals that caution passengers from opening the car door into the path of bicycle and scooter riders.

Environmental Sustainability
In addition, Lyft has pledged $15,000 to Climate Action Campaign, the region’s leading climate watchdog organization, to continue its advocacy for more funding for protected bicycle and scooter lanes.

“We are pleased to see Lyft’s support of San Diego’s landmark Climate Action Plan,” said Nicole Capretz, Climate Action Campaign founder and executive director. “Lyft has a valuable role to play in helping us reach our climate, health and mobility goals and we look forward to partnering with the organization.”

Lyft’s commitment to sustainability is well-recognized, especially as one of the top 10 voluntary purchases of carbon offsets in the world. The organization ensures all rides are carbon neutral to fight climate change, and purchases enough renewable energy to cover the electricity consumption of every Lyft office, driver hub and electric vehicle on its platform.

In May, Lyft will also continue its work with public transit to promote its use in conjunction with Lyft ridesharing and Lyft Scooters. The partnership will help riders who have a few more miles to go between transit stops and their final destinations get there easily. According to Lyft’s 2019 Economic Impact Report, about one third of Lyft riders in San Diego take public transit at least once a week, and 17% of riders use Lyft to get around where public transit does not operate, such as for these first or last mile gaps. Lyft will also be participating in the 29th Annual SANDAG Bike to Work Day on May 16, participating at a pit stop for riders and providing free helmets.

The transportation network remains committed to shared rides as well, working with local universities, such as UC San Diego, to put more people in fewer cars and continue to reduce the dependency on personal vehicles. Already, 21% of San Diego Lyft riders do not own or lease a personal vehicle, and https://www.lyftimpact.com/53% of local vehicle owners use their cars less because of Lyft.

For the latest updates on Lyft’s safety and sustainability efforts in San Diego throughout the year, visit www.lyft.com/cities/san-diego-ca.