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Rainbow Municipal Water District Offers Homeowners New Way to Detect Leaks, Save Money and Conserve Water

San Diego County CA— Rainbow Municipal Water District (RMWD) and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce an entirely new water efficiency incentive program allowing their customers access to minute-by-minute water usage data with an intelligent water monitoring system. Ever since the creation of municipal water delivery, homeowners have largely been in the dark about their water usage until the monthly bill arrives—but that is about to change for RMWD customers in North San Diego County.

Indeed, RMWD is extending a special offer on the groundbreaking FlumePRO Smart Water System to all qualifying customers in the communities of Rainbow, Bonsall, Pala and portions of Vista, Oceanside and Fallbrook. This system includes the innovative new Flume Home Water Sensor, a lifetime warranty on hardware and free battery replacements. The sensor alone normally costs $200, but RMWD customers may get the FlumePRO Smart Water System for $49 annually by purchasing here: www.flumetech.com/rainbow.

“Our Board of Directors has made accurate and timely information about water consumption a prioritiy for our District,” said RMWD General Manager Tom Kennedy. “Traditional ‘smart meter’ systems used by other utilities are very expensive and not well suited to our service area. FlumePRO is the best water monitoring system we have ever seen, giving customers much better information about their water use directly, without requiring the District to capture that data and send it to them. It is also a small fraction of what traditional smart metering systems cost, which is why the Board of Directors decided to approve this program for our customers. It allows you to figure out where your water is going, gain control over your water use, and avoid unforeseen water loss, all while keeping your data private – the District won’t be looking at your data from the FlumePRO system.”

The Flume Home Water Sensor is innovative in matters of installation, accuracy and whole property coverage for both indoor plumbing and outdoor irrigation. No plumbers or pipe cutting are needed. It simply straps around the existing water meter, and feeds real-time data to the companion iOS and Android App. It measures both indoor and outdoor irrigation water use to a tested accuracy of 99.9 percent.

RMWD is among the first utilities and the first in San Diego County to take advantage of this new technology. A recent study of Flume users in a RMWD’s pilot program found the following:

  • 88% reported adopting more efficient water use practices after using Flume
  • 64% reported detecting water leaks on their property with Flume
  • 96% would recommend Flume to others

The easy-to-install Flume Home Water Sensor opens up a new world for local homeowners and agricultural property owners alike, one in which they can (1) detect unknown leaks before they get their bill or cause costly damage; (2) see how much water they are using in real-time, as well as daily, weekly and monthly; (3) set water usage goals and budgets; and (4) receive smartphone notifications on suspicious water activities while away from home.

“This is a proven technology that water utilities are starting to embrace, because the benefits are so obvious,” said Joe Fazio, VP of business development for Flume, Inc, which is partnering with RMWD. “Leaks are detected, money and water are saved, and customers are happier. This is just the beginning—in five years, this will be as standard as having a thermostat in your home.”

RMWD customers can get the FlumePRO Smart Water System for $49 at www.flumetech.com/rainbow.