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Retiring Letter Carrier, Gerard Comeaus with a group of Oceana residents bidding him a fond farewell.

Oceanside Neighborhood Group Expresses Gratitude to Retiring Letter Carrier

Oceanside CA— July 3, 2019 marked the last time mail was delivered to the Oceanside neighborhood of Oceana by retiring Letter Carrier, Gerard Comeaus. Known to people in the neighborhood as “Gerry”, Comeaus is hanging up his mailbag after 35 years of service with the US Postal Service, in Oceanside, 30 of those years were delivering mail in Oceana.

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“It’s been my pleasure and my privilege to deliver up here and now I have to go out and get my retirement motorcycle,” Comeaus told a group of people gathered at the Oceana Business Office who wanted to wish him well in his retirement. “I’ve had my motorcycle for three or four years now but the bike is 21-years old. It’s making some noises it shouldn’t so it’s time to re-cycle.”

Comeaus plans to make several cross country trips to visit relatives, friends and former Marine buddies he hasn’t had a chance to see in decades. He also plans a trip or two to Canada to visit family there. “My wife told me she wasn’t sure how it was going to be with me around the house all the time. I told her that anytime I was beginning to bug her, just let me know and I will roll up the garage door and go for a ride.” Gerry promised to ride his new bike around the Oceana neighborhood and say hi.

“With my time in the Marine Corps and the Postal service, I have put in close to 30 years. That’s enough,” said Comeaus. Another reason he decided to retire is his family. “I have two adult children that are in the autism spectrum. I want to make sure they get a good foothold in society.”

Comeaus said walking the Oceana route was a pleasure. “The people up here are good and you can’t beat the weather. In the summer you get that ocean breeze up here and we don’t get that much rain. I was doing the math the other day and figured I have walked about 90,000 miles. No wonder I’m tired but it’s been fun. Fresh air, exercise. Not much really better than that.”

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