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Free Art Event Featuring Local Oceanside Artist – August 3

Oceanside CA— Rita Spiegel, a local Oceanside watercolor artist is showing her collection ‘Inspired by Nature’ hosted by the O’side Wellness Workshop, 208 via El Centro, 5-7:00pm on August 3, 2019.

Rita Spiegel is a Watercolor Artist and art teacher based in Oceanside. In German, “Spiegel” means “mirror”, which reflects Rita as an artist. She mirrors her love of nature and animals.

Rita is a yoga teacher in addition to being an artist, where she uses meditation and Chakras in her method when she is teaching watercolor painting to her students. Rita earned a BA in Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University.

“The natural outside world is my studio, my happy place.” ~Rita. “It’s where I connect with the Universe”.

Rita was born on the cusp of Taurus & Gemini. Born in Florida, but a Cali girl since she was a kid. She loves the beach and travel. Rita’s obsessed with chocolate, loves the Rutles’ Tragical History Tour, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Avengers and all things Harry Potter. She also loves reading, learning different cultures, writing, literature, tea, coffee, and people with a strange sense of humor. Rita respects wit, book worms, intelligence, British humor and USA sarcasm, real artists, accents, history, strangeness, gothic style, fashion, music, movies, and all things beautiful & beautifully ugly.

Inspired by animals, flowers and the ocean, her paintings uses the colors around her as her pallet. Each piece has an element of meditation and the Chakras within it.

Rita upcoming “Beginning Watercolor Painting” in Vista goes from 8/7 through 9/11.

In 2020, Rita will have a series of watercolor classes based on each Chakra.

Follow Rita on Instagram @IamRitaSpiegel https://instagram.com/iamritaspiegel