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- L-R: Cindy Davenport, Roger Davenport, Oceanside City Council member Esther Sanchez, Barbara Collins, Russ Cunningham, Ellen Bartlett, Mo Lahsaie, and Marc Bartlett (courtesy photo)

Sierra Club Celebrates Environmental Milestones in Oceanside

Oceanside CA—Dozens of people gathered at Buddy Todd Park in Oceanside recently as the Sierra Club celebrated two environmental milestones for the City of Oceanside. The Oceanside City Council adopted a Climate Action Plan unanimously; and Community Choice Energy (CCE) was approved with another unanimous vote by the City Council.  The council voted to explore partnerships with other San Diego County jurisdictions with a CCE start-up date of 2022 or later.

Guests at the event included City Council member Esther Sanchez, Principal Planner Russ Cunningham, and Environmental Officer Mo Lahsaie.  Councilwoman Sanchez said, “I appreciate very much the phenomenal work by the Oceanside Team of the Sierra Club and CAPers in getting the council to pass, by unanimous vote, a Climate Action Plan and to proceed with establishing a Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority.  I strongly support both and look forward to implementation.”  Co-Chair of the Sierra Club Oceanside Team, Barbara Collins, said, “Both of these milestones were top priorities for Sierra Club members in Oceanside.  It’s great to finally have something concrete in place,  the Climate Action Plan will make our city more livable and its economy more sustainable.”  Co-Chair Roger Davenport added that residents are anxiously awaiting the start of Community Choice Energy, “It will be a giant force in reducing greenhouse gases, while reducing costs and creating revenue for the City to proceed with more emissions-reduction projects, such as adding more solar power to City facilities and homes.”

The “Oceanside Climate Action Planners” or Oceanside CAPers, formed in 2015 with a mission to get a Climate Action Plan (CAP) adopted in Oceanside.  Oceanside resident Carol Hilton, a founding member of the CAPers said, “We were determined that Oceanside should join the rest of the cities in our region that already had a Climate Action Plan.”