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Carlsbad Community Invited to Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Homelessness- August 28

Carlsbad CA—The Carlsbad City Council Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Homelessness will hold a town hall meeting Wednesday, Aug. 28, from 6 to 9 p.m., to discuss homelessness in Carlsbad, including the city’s current homeless response plan, how homelessness affects community members and what residents can do to support the city’s response.

Community Conversation on Homelessness

  • Wednesday, Aug. 28
  • 6 to 9 p.m.
  • Harding Community Center Auditorium
  • 3096 Harding St.

In 2017, in response to increasing concerns about homelessness in Carlsbad, the City Council approved a multi-departmental Homeless Response Plan in 2017 that takes a “compassionate enforcement” approach to this region-wide problem. The plan includes enhanced efforts to assist those in need of housing and reduce the impacts of homelessness on the community.

Subcommittee on Homelessness

On July 23, the City Council formed an Ad Hoc City Council Subcommittee on Homelessness to determine whether there is regional support for Carlsbad participating in a collaborative effort to develop a North County Homeless Action Plan.

  • In addition to meeting with the community, the subcommittee will meet with the nonprofit group Alliance for Regional Solutions.
  • The subcommittee, which includes Mayor Matt Hall and Council Member Cori Schumacher, will then bring a recommendation to the City Council for consideration.
  • If the City Council ultimately decides to participate in a regional effort, it would appoint members to a standing regional committee at that time.
New Resources for Homelessness

In the city budget that went into effect July 1, the City Council increased the amount of resources dedicated to the city’s Homeless Response Plan by more than 50 percent, in response to increasing community concerns. This increase includes:

  • One new sergeant and two new officers to the Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team, which will allow specially trained officers to be available seven days a week. The city previously had two full time officers supervised by a police sergeant who also oversaw other specialized teams.
  • A full-time manager for the city’s Homeless Response Plan.
  • A “housing navigator” position to help people find rental housing.

These new staff positions will join the existing members of the Homeless Outreach Team and other programs, including grants for affordable housing and temporary shelters, social workers contracted through Interfaith Community Services, a resource guide and other support.

For more information about the meeting or the city’s Homeless Response Plan, please call 760-434-2810.

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