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Public Meeting on Your Future City Governance – September 7

Oceanside CA— You are invited to attend this special meeting, hosted by Represent Oceanside, to learn about and discuss issues related to your future City governance. Be part of the solution!

Council’s September 18th Workshop gives us an unparalleled opportunity to tell Council which solution(s) we want and how those solutions would rebuild our trust in their decisions. Several, in addition to Council’s list, have been suggested.

“Oceanside Governance You Can Trust”. That would be a Sea Change. Represent Oceanside is non-partisan, grassroots, and inclusive.

The past two years Represent Oceanside has researched several methods to reform our city governance: Elections & Appointments; Campaign Finance; Ethics, Charter Commission, Ombudsman, and more.

Time to participate. Let’s get together on this. One Side.

  • Who:   Everyone concerned about the quality of Oceanside governance   now, and for future generations.
  • What:  Community Meetings – of us – Stakeholders, Residents
  • When:  Sat. Sept.  7, 10:30- 11:30 AM
  • Where:   Oceanside Mission Branch Library Community Room 3861 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92058


Prepare for Council’s Sept. 18th, 6 PM Workshop on: (not limited to):

  • Campaign Contributions; Council Aides; Council Pay, Term Limits
  • Solutions that Return Balance & Public’s Voice to City Decisions
  • Get information on these reforms and more
  • Learn: Are their other, more effective, reforms – or others that support the same goal?
  • Council wants to hear Public’s Preference
  • Because there’s a growing Wave of Discontent in Oceanside, i.e., “Council disregards Public’s opinion, requests, expertise.”

For more information contact: Arleen Hammerschmidt representoceansideca@gmail.com  and https://www.facebook.com/TransparentOceansideGovernance/