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Director Aiko Lozar blocking a scene from Oneirataxia (courtesy photo)

Carlsbad High School Students Announce ‘Oneirataxia’

The Second-Ever Student-Run Dystopian Play with Performances October 10-12

Aiko Lozar-Director, Producer

Carlsbad CA— Carlsbad High School students announce Oneirataxia, the city’s second annual completely student written, directed, and produced play, to be held October 10th through 12th from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., in room 5002 of Carlsbad High School, at the cost of $12 per audience member. There will be no intermission, but refreshments and merchandise will be sold thirty minutes prior to each showing. One may purchase tickets at the door of 5002 thirty minutes prior to each showing, but it is recommended to purchase tickets at https://www.oneirataxiatickets.brownpapertickets.com, as seating is limited.

This production, created and synthesized by the Student Production Club Writing Club Committee, combines the theatrical talents of 14 Carlsbad High School students. Students from two different grade levels perform a piece that speaks to a large demographic while providing the ensemble with a hands-on learning opportunity on casting, teamwork, leadership, production design, and business in a real-world setting. The first performance of Oneirataxia culminates a total of 43 after school rehearsal hours over the course of two months. During this time, crew members also collaborated on props, costumes, programs, sponsorships, advertisements, and set pieces for the production.

In a creativity-deprived world, any ounce of opposition is crushed immediately by “remediating” forces. When Beta is sent to the Eldritch Institute for the Misguided, she and her group of friends must escape the institute or else face death. In this hard-hitting piece highlighting the misuses of modern-day conformity, the gang discovers that changing the world will require some sacrifices.

About Oneirataxia

Following their “Love is Blind: A Spoken-Word Play,” “Oneirataxia” functions as the first official collaborative work of “Student Production Club,” a club dedicated to empowering students to write, direct, and act in their own theatrical and cinematic productions annually. The “Oneirataxia” production and Student Production Club work hand-in-hand to provide a platform for creative student expression.

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