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Museum of Photographic Arts to Display Photographs Detailing History from One Century

MOPA to share part of private collection with the public, which draws from stories from 850 photographers

History of photography as an art form to be represented in pieces lining the museum walls

San Diego CA—  MOPA now has on display its new exhibit, The Stories They Tell: A Hundred Years of Photography, which pulls from its collection of nearly 9,000 photographs. These photographs detail the history of photography through work by 33 artists throughout ten decades. MOPA is showcasing its collection of works to the public in The Stories They because the museum believes photography should be collected as well as shared. The museum welcomes its community into the space to appreciate history through this art form.

“The history of photography portrayed in this exhibit is fascinating because it captures the art form at so many moments in time,” said Museum of Photographic Arts Executive Director and Chief Curator Deborah Klochko. “I will enjoy learning what the public sees when they look at these historical artifacts, and look forward to learning about audience favorites.”

Photos from the 1920s to today will fill MOPA’s museum walls and allow visitors to participate in visual learning and experience the power of photography. Some of the artists from the past century whose work will be showcased include:

  • Brett Weston, Alexander Rodchenko, Andre Kertesz, Joan Myers, Mark Klett, Robbert Flick, David Levinthal and Troi Anderson among others.

Thanks to the support of artists and donors, MOPA’s collection includes photography from pre-history to contemporary work. The museum’s mission is to make photography approachable and interactive, which becomes a reality with the pieces visitors will experience in The Stories They Tell.