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Jordie Lunn (Photo: Ale Di Lullo)

Road 2 Recovery Memorial Fund for Jordie Lunn

Encinitas CA— On October 9, 2019 Jordie Lunn was riding cross-country trails in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with friends and suffered a fatal head injury following a simple crash. He climbed up following the crash and was found shortly after by his riding friends. Jordie was transported to a local hospital and passed away in the arms of his childhood friend, Darren Berrecloth.

Although his time in hospital care was brief, the family is expecting medical bills totaling over $90,000.00. This total does not include the required preparation of Jordie to return him back home or funeral costs. Jordie had insurance coverage, however it will not come close to the expected totals his family is going to have to cover.

Jordie and his brothers, Craig and Jarrett were raised in Rivers Inlet, a remote fishing post on the northern B.C. coast.  At school age, the Lunn family moved to Parksville, B.C.  Jordie was a talented well-rounded athlete from an early age, participating in Hockey, Golf, Triathlons and Snowboarding. Musically talented, Jordie was mentored to become an amazing technical Jazz drummer.

Jordie began Mountain Biking in cross-country racing, and his career blossomed in earnest as a Downhill racer.  Jordie was the fastest Canadian racer at the Canada Cup Series at Mount-Saint-Anne in 2003. He became the highest ranked North American DH racer in the World Cup standings that year.

Shifting his focus to free riding in films like Ride to the Hills, The Collective, ROAM, and more, he was also the first mountain biker to land a Cork 720 trick in 2007. Jordie competed in The Fest Series, Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx (winning the best trick in 2012), and on nearly every stage in the free ride mountain bike circuit.

Since his big budget film days, Jordie experienced a resurgence in recent years, self-producing wildly popular videos like his famous Rough AF Series. Jordie also hosted numerous events in his home region on Vancouver Island like Peanut Butter Knife Fight, Jordtron Jumpathon, Fresh Air, Jump Ship, and Bear Trax at Bear Mountain. These events gave many young riders their first introduction to competitions and provided them with a jump-off point to successful careers.

Jordie had a positive and infectious enthusiasm for life that was admired worldwide.  The kids that Jordie coached over the years absolutely loved him. There are few young men so loved and respected by their peers, friends and fans.

Jordie had Personal Injury and Life Insurance through Combined Insurance, but because the accident happened out of country, there are greater expenses.

Future plans for any excess donations will be used in Jordie’s name to provide help in avenues that Jordie was passionate about. These will include, but may not be limited to: helping children with cycling and coaching opportunities, biking facilities to ride, helping to establish a baseline concussion testing for athletes worldwide, supporting brain health and injury research in mountain biking, funding research to better understand the health of athlete’s brains post-concussion, and how we can help avoid further losses.

Jordie’s family is grateful for any donation in Jordie’s memory. Please find the Road 2 Recovery donation page here.

Jordie Lunn is survived by his parents Bonnie and Brian Lunn, his brothers Craig and Jarrett Lunn, their families and his girlfriend Caitlin Larson.