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Road 2 Recovery Starts Fund to Support Micky Dymond

Encinitas CA— On October 9, 2019 Micky Dymond sustained a traumatic brain injury when he crashed on his bicycle during a training ride in Orange County, California. Even though Dymond was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, he still sustained extensive head trauma that caused subdural brain contusions and subarachnoid hemorrhaging that rendered Micky unconscious for nearly fifteen minutes at the seen of the accident. He came to briefly, only to go back to being unconscious upon arrival at the ICU. He woke up five days later. After spending the first week unconscious in ICU, and another week in a neuro trauma unit, Dymond is on the next steps of his road to recovery.

In addition to his head injury, Micky also sustained a broken collarbone, broken ribs, damage to his hip, a deep laceration to his head and large amounts of road rash. At this time, Dymond is under 24-hour care and is being treated for MRSA in the Neuro Trauma Unit at OC Global. The goal is to get him admitted into an acute rehabilitation facility in the Orange County, CA area to help him heal and combat the long-term effects of TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Unfortunately, Dymond does not have medical insurance and is expected to have insurmountable medical expenses. Therapy, coupled with a two week stay in the hospital, and the fact that Dymond won’t be able to work for months to come, all add up to a long and expensive recovery for Micky and his family. If you are able to support him, please make a tax-deductible donation to his cause here. Funds donated to Dymond’s cause will go directly to cover the mounting medical expenses he incurs.

Please leave a positive message for Micky Dymond on his Road 2 Recovery cause page. Any and all prayers and positive vibes are appreciated and needed.

Micky and his family are grateful for any donation. Please find the Road 2 Recovery donation page here.