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The Oceanside Team after their win over Torrey Pines High School over the weekend. (courtesy photo)

Scholastic Surf Series-San Diego High School Division 1 and 2 Results

Oceanside CA—The opening event for SDHS Div 1 and 2 could not have happened on a better day.  Everything was perfect about the day from a beautiful “Indian Summer” day, 4-6 foot waves with offshore conditions, and the athletes took advantage of South Jetty on one of the best days this summer.

Congratulations to the Oceanside Team for their Team having an athlete in the Finals of each division.Thanks to our Sponsors:Sharp Eye Surfboards, Surface Sunscreen & Sticky BumpsWax

Team Results

Division 1

Carlsbad ‘A’  77   def   Torrey Pines “A”  58

La Jolla  81  def   Point Loma  54

San Dieguito ‘A’     Win     BYE

Division 2

Oceanside  62  def   Torrey Pines “B”  21

Carlsbad ‘B’  60  def   Canyon Crest  29

San Dieguito “B”  49  def  Coronado  40

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Cole McCaffray, San Dieguito
  2. Toby Dussault, San Dieguito
  3. Harrison Gardner, San Dieguito
  4. Graham New, Torrey Pines
  5. Jack Lockwood Oceanside
  6. Josh Drake, Carlsbad

Mens Longboard

  1. Logan Myers, Carlsbad
  2. Thor Willink, Point Loma
  3. Cody Van Dyck, San Dieguito
  4. Kai Murphy, San Dieguito
  5. Ethan Hazlett, Point Loma
  6. Cole Carrillo, Oceanside

Womens Shortboard

  1. Ella McCaffray, San Dieguito
  2. Syd Ott, San Dieguito
  3. Molly Tuschen, La Jolla
  4. Rachel Risko, Oceanside
  5. Lisa Hibbard, Torrey Pines
  6. Emma Ostrow, Canyon Crest

Womens Longboard

  1. Caitlin Currie, San Dieguito
  2. Rachel Risko, Oceanside
  3. Sophia McGovern, San Dieguito
  4. Zoe Goldstein, Carlsbad
  5. Molly Tuschen, La Jolla
  6. Lisa Hibbard, Torrey Pines

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Tommy Kelly, Carlsbad
  2. Tyler Traubman, San Dieguito
  3. Wyatt Thornbury, Carlsbad
  4. Jaden Dasher, Oceanside
  5. Shane Gillard, Coronado
  6. Alex Cockrell, La Jolla