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Letters to the Editor- An irresponsible decision and dirty politics in Oceanside

Our City Council majority has voted to change the land use Zoning in the Farmlands to allow development. They have ignored the professional advice of their own Planning Commission Staff on multiple occasions regarding this project, and the vigorous complaints against this plan by a large majority of citizens speaking at the City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 06, 2019.

The entire North East farmlands area in O’side fate has now been sealed by Council members Rodriquez, Weiss, and Feller for a majority 3 in favor of the developers plan, with a minority of two dissenting votes not in favor of the developers plan by Council members Sanchez and Keim.

(Click on image to enlarge photo)

The meeting lasted until a very unusual 11:30 PM, and was a bit raucous to say the least. The speaking presenters against the project outnumbered the speaking presenters in favor of it by 2 to 1, however their heartfelt pleas fell upon 6 deaf ears. For this vote was obviously decided long ago, judging by the behaviors I observed.

One of the most galling aspects of this charade was the large number of shills in attendance to show favor for this project. They were actually bused in from some place else, arriving early at 3:00 PM to fill seats in the Council Meeting Chambers.

Those seats which normally do not get takers until after 4:30 PM at all the regularly scheduled Council evening meetings, as the public address by the Council is scheduled to start at 5:00 PM.

The developers and their cronies did this to create a more favorable appearance for this travesty of an improvement project in question.

A copy of the instructions issued to those early bird seat warmers is provided (see photo). This kind of dirty politics and gamesmanship boggles my mind, and in our city of all places!!

Richard Burton- Oceanside Resident