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OPD Advises to Be Aware of Computer and Phone Scams this Holiday Season

One victim scammed out of approximately $130,000

Oceanside CA—Throughout the year and especially during the Holiday season the phone and computer scammers go into high gear looking for vulnerable victims, often targeting our senior community.  The Oceanside Police Department is currently investigating several of cases where victims have fallen prey to these con-artists. In one case, a victim was scammed out of approximately $130,000 over a several day period.

The police are asking the community to contact their relatives and friends and spread the word about these finical predators.  Provide them support before and if they are confronted by these simple facts.  If a person calls and is asking you to pay for any service with pre-paid credit cards or gift cards, IT’S A SCAM.   If you get a computer notice that your computer has been hacked and you need to call a certain number, IT’S A SCAM.  If the Gas and Electrical company is calling saying they are going to shut off your electricity unless you pay with gift cards, IT’S A SCAM. If a person you do not trust asks you to allow them to remotely access your computer to help fix a virus problem, IT’S A SCAM.  If a caller explains you won the lottery but need to pay the taxes on the winnings first with gift cards, IT’S A SCAM.

Often these cowards are not even in this country even though the phone numbers look like they may be local.  The phone number might even look like real phone number from a legitimate company.  If you believe it can’t happen to you or someone you know, THAT’S A SHAME, it happens every day to people that believe that way. We are asking for the community’s support in spreading the word in thwarting this financial crime targeting one of the most vulnerable parts of our community. Contact your local Law Enforcement agencies and ask questions before falling for these scams.  Happy Holidays