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Nothing but Love Notes “More Meaningful than Words Can Say”

By Chris Hoyer

Nothing but love notes…an organization run by a very special woman named Natalie Reilly.

On Valentines day 2015 a life altering decision was made. Natalies Mom and best friend had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. On that day a new idea was born. The two ladies began writing random notes to mostly military folks and also some Police Officers. After a few hours of writing they took to the streets and began searching for folks to hand them out to. Turns out they discovered many more people in need. Beyond the Military and Police, Firefighters Nurses, and many many more have received notes.

Natalie describes the experience as life changing for her Mom who had been extremely withdrawn and sullen after learning of her fate.

Knowing that her Mom needed something to ignite her again she came up with the idea that literally made her Mom come back to life as she had previously known it.

Since it started close to twenty thousand notes have been distributed worldwide. ‘It had been far too long since I had seen my Mom smile…I had to do something’.

Neither of them had a plan in place nor did they know the impact it would have on so many lives.

Sadly her Mom did lose her battle but her spirit remains close and she reveals herself quite often.

Natalie has recently moved from Arizona relocating to Oceanside and is fulfilling her lifelong dream to be close to the water. Her networking has continued and is growing day by day practically minute by minute.

Among some of her recipients the reactions are always different. Some are skeptical and others overwhelmingly thankful.

Usually once the note itself is read the feedback is more meaningful than words can say.

I am sure that some readers of this article have received a note and understand the impact it has had on them.

Natalie is forever reminding the folks she reaches out to that she does it out of love and recognition of the services they have provided and continue to provide.

You can reach out to Natalie for thank you’s or to get involved by visiting the website Here https://www.nothingbutlovenotes.com/new-page

#nothingbutlovenotes She is also on Facebook and Linkedin.