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(Photo courtesy: Lyft)

Lyft Launches Most Affordable Ride Yet in SD – Shared Saver

San Diego CALyft has expanded Shared Saver – the most affordable Lyft ride yet – to three new markets across North America, including San Diego.

Now, riders in San Diego, Los Angeles and Toronto have access to more affordable Lyft Shared rides. With Shared Saver, riders are asked to simply walk up to a few blocks in order to ensure drivers are taking the most efficient route to their destination (i.e. less “circling the block”). In return, the user will see fares significantly lower than Lyft’s other rideshare offerings.

“Shared Saver is a key next step in helping San Diego further address traffic and congestion by promoting shared rides. We’re proud to offer a more sustainable transportation solution and ensure drivers are taking the most efficient route at the same time,” said Hao Meng, Lyft Southern California General Manger

How it works:

  • Set destination, then set ride type to ‘Shared Saver’
  • Tap ‘Confirm pickup area’ (to see where to walk) to request ride
  • When Shared Saver is confirmed, user will be notified where to walk (less than a few blocks)
  • Once in the ride and drop-off point is identified, app will show user where to walk
Why this is important:
  • More shared ride options means a more sustainable transportation solution and less cars on the road
  • Last year, people who took Shared Rides instead of Standard Lyft helped save 80 million miles from being driven
  • Since launching Shared Saver, riders have saved nearly $6 per ride compared to a Standard Lyft ride
  • Shared Saver was developed with drivers in mind, so Lyft drivers will make the same amount with Shared Saver as with standard Lyft rides, while benefiting from the increased demand for riders
  • Lyft is working to alleviate traffic by investing in Shared rides, scooters and integrating with public transit in San Diego

Shared Saver is already available in Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. Since launching in February, Lyft has given millions of Shared Saver rides. Due to the feature’s predictability and consistency, Lyft continues to fill the transportation gap through accessible transportation.

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