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Letters to the Editor- Challenging Approval of North River Farms Project; Petition Success to Date

The people of Oceanside have spoken up and defended their right as voters! This widely circulated petition has been successfully turned in to the City Clerks office at Oceanside City Hall by the required deadline on Friday, December 20, 2019. Now the egregious North River Farms (not a real farm) decision may be brought directly before the voters as a Referendum Ballot issue by next November.

This petition, including all signatures, is now being held securely under lock and key pending review of the required number of qualified signatures by the Registrar of Voters. They will verify all those eligibility who signed up, Then it can become included in the November ballot for a city wide decision by a vote of WE THE PEOPLE!

Or perhaps the City Counsel may opt to withdraw their approval of that poorly made decision favoring the terrible new ordinance to rezone The Farmlands.. We shall see.

There remains a lot more work to do in any case if we are to make this grassroots effort by the electorate a reality by law. Get involved, save our city, save the Farmlands!

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, tell your family and anybody else who will listen.

When this Referendum comes up for a vote in November, expect much tricks and brinkmanship from the developer “Integral Communities”, their cohorts “Solutions for Change” in Vista, and City Council influenced members Rodriquez, Weiss, and Feller.

Or perhaps the influenced 3 City Council members who approved the building sprawl homes in The Farmlands……Rodriquez, Weiss and Feller, will suddenly come to their senses and withdraw that Ordinance which they approved on November 06. That very bad Ordinance which will now be a long lasting  blemish on their record. That demonstrated poor decision making ability for the good of this city.

Not since the lovely Flower Fields in Carlsbad were successfully defended against a building developer by the electorate in that fair city, has been seen such a turmoil in our beautiful North County.region. Such a powerful grassroots effort to stop a different but similarly avaricious developer from compromising a large part of the local North County essence. That delicate balance between buildings and nature. For we must have both to thrive here!

It is time to DRAIN THE SWAMP FOLKS!! The three influenced City Council members, Rodriquez, Weiss, and Feller must be removed from office for the good of Oceanside. Recall Rodriquez as soon as possible, and do not vote in favor of Weiss or Feller when next they come up for election my friends.

Funny thing about swamps, they always fill back up again.That is why we have Elections, Recalls, and Ballot Referendums, TO KEEP ON DRAINING THE SWAMP OF INEPT UNDESIRABLES. Remember that when next you vote folks, for not all that shines is truly golden,.Other less desirable “materials” may be lying directly in our path to success.Yes the pun is intended…………THERE MAY BE THOSE PEOPLE AMONG US WHO WOULD ACCIDENTALLY LIE TO US, CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH  A  CIRCUMSTANCE? Could it be so Ma?…SHEESH !!!

Included here below is the link to a very comprehensive article by Phil Diehl of the San Diego Union Tribune, (published on December 20, 2019), re: this NRF petition challenge.



Thanks for reading, good luck, and thanks for caring about the future of beautiful O’side.


Richard Burton- Oceanside registered voter