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Road 2 Recovery Successfully Premiers Docuseries Featuring Five Inspirational Athletes and Their Journey to Recovery

“The Road 2 Recovery” Episode One Captivates Audience at Fox HQ Premier

Encinitas CA— The Road 2 Recovery Foundation proudly premiered its first-ever docuseries “The Road 2 Recovery,” on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at Fox HQ in Irvine, California with an overwhelming amount of support from members of the action sports community. The six-part docuseries, which is set to release on the second Wednesday of each month for five months, takes viewers inside the lives of five incredible athletes as they discuss their inspirational journeys to recovery with the help and support of the R2R Foundation.

Athletes featured in the new Docuseries include action sports athlete Phil Smage, professional BMX rider and YouTube star Scotty Cranmer, professional supercross racer Colton Aeck, BMX World Champion Sam Willoughby and professional supercross and motocross racer Jessy Nelson. The first five episodes – officially launching on December 13, 2019 – feature each of the five athletes as they share their personal story through the ups and downs of their injury. The sixth and final episode, “The R2R Anthem,” tells the story of The Road 2 Recovery Foundation with very personal interviews from R2R board members.

“Our purpose for this docuseries is to educate the public and our industry on what R2R does, how we help athletes and where we spend our money,” said Road 2 Recovery’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations Lori Armistead. “There have been a lot of questions in the past about R2R and we haven’t done the best job of explaining the “behind the scenes” of our foundation. R2R does more than raise money for these injured professional athletes. Our goal is full transparency and to show everyone how their donations help. This is our chance to clear up any misconceptions or questions.”

This captivating production takes the opportunity to showcase Road 2 Recovery’s core mission, which is to help injured pro athletes with financial assistance after sustaining career-ending injuries as well as providing motivational, emotional and spiritual support to these individuals and their families. R2R is proud to say that they have never turned down help to an injured Pro athlete.

To view episode one of “The Road 2 Recovery” featuring Phil Smage, visit R2R’s YouTube channel (Road 2 Recovery) and IG TV @Road2Recovery or visit Road2Recovery.com.

For more information on Road 2 Recovery, upcoming events and athlete updates, visit road2recovery.com or click here to make a donation.