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Charles Joe Lewis, August 4, 1947-January 14, 2020

Charles Joe Lewis, a longtime resident of Oceanside, was born on August 4, 1947 and died on January 14 at Pacifica House hospice in Carlsbad, California.

Always stoked on the little things in life, Joe didn’t need much to be content. A few waves, brisk walks, a good movie, a little tennis and golf, sugar-free coke, another quick ciggy were his few necessities. And his cat. He made you laugh, see the humor in almost any situation, even his own.

A nephew recalls that Joe was highly influential in his life from boyhood, “He was always interested in whatever I was thinking, adding his own thoughts and perspective usually accompanied by a silly, self-deprecating one-liner. I would listen intently as he spoke about anything because there was always a wise lesson to be learned that gave me another (usually less responsible, but more fun) perspective than what my mom was trying to teach me. Without trying, he taught me the value of comedy in any and every situation.”

Intensely devoted to family and friends, Joe made sure we knew he loved us, was there for us. His stepmom recalls, “Joe came to Colorado when his dad had to go into an Alzheimer’s care facility so he could provide support. He entertained us on the way with his guitar. Another time when he visited me he worked so hard in the yard and gave me lessons on how to sharpen my kitchen knives. He was taking care of me.”

During Joe’s last hour alive, his pal Dave set up a cribbage game and they played both hands. In natural Joe style, he skunked Dave. Great way to go out of this crazy world.

We will keep our memories of him in our hearts, remembering him with a smile.