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OPD Honor Guard member, Officer Bryan Hendrix

16th Annual Oceanside Police Department Member Recognition Luncheon

Editors note: I’ve had the honor of attending this luncheon every year since 2014. Each time, Lt. Leonard Cosby would give the opening Invocation along with the Benediction at the end of the luncheon. This year was no different, or so I thought. Little did I know at the time that when we shook hands and said good-bye, it would be the last time I would see the man that had become my friend.

Leonard Cosby

Leonard Cosby passed away on Thursday leaving behind a family and many, many friends. He retired from OPD several years ago but continued to serve his community by joining the OPD Chaplain Corps immediately after his retirement.

“What do you say about such a man as Leonard,” said Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy. “The city of Oceanside was fortunate to have such a great man to serve our city for many, many years. He was a leader who had the ability to build bridges between the police department and our community,” continued the Chief, “He was known by those that worked for him to be a leader that led by example with a strong work ethic, a passion for the job, the community he served and his mentoring of those who served with him.”

The Chief said he was honored to have Leonard as part of his management team, “More importantly was the chance to work alongside him for the many years that I have been here. Leonard was an inspiration to many with his positive attitude and his love for all people.”

As OPD Chaplain, he made himself available to all members of the department that needed someone to talk with or guidance to cope with a stressful situation. “You would always see him at all events at our department and often provided the blessing. Leonard was a great man that served our community well and will be greatly missed by our Oceanside Police family,” added the Chief, “He was an inspiration to many people. He was a very giving person. You could see that through the passion he had for the work he did as a police officer and more importantly, the work he did as a chaplain, not just for those in our department but for anyone that needed any help.”

“Leonard was one of the most caring and dedicated police officers I have ever worked with,” said Ryan Keim, former OPD Officer and current Oceanside City Councilmember. “He was focused on our community and finding new and innovative ways to build bridges and relationships with our residents. Leonard always put his fellow officers and their families before himself and and did everything he could to get them through a stressful law enforcement career intact physically and emotionally. We lost Leonard far too early and I am going to miss his advice, guidance and friendship.”

Leonard Cosby was that special kind of human being that made you feel like a better person just for having known him. He will truly be missed.

Oceanside CA—On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, the Oceanside Police Department held their 16th Annual Member Recognition Luncheon at the QLN Conference Center. Each year the department recognizes outstanding achievements and heroic acts by staff, volunteers and community members including the 2019 OPD Officer of the Year.

This years luncheon was sponsored at the ‘Platinum Level’ by Genentech, Oceans Eleven and QLN. At the ‘Bronze Level’ by Manheim.

Along with the yearly awards, the department recognizes outstanding achievements by staff and volunteers for the fourth quarter.

Unable to attend the luncheon, Jenessa Morris, Program Specialist was named Support Operations Professional Staff Member of the 4th Quarter for her work on a new department initiative that completely revamped the Employee Identification and Security Access Cards. Over the course of three months she designed and developed the type and style of cards to be used, organized the photographs of all employees that would receive the new cards, then sought out and purchased the appropriate equipment to produce the cards, in house, making this transition to the new system much quicker and easier for all.

Also recognized at the luncheon but unable to attend was Explorer of the Year for 2019, Andrew Flores.

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