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Letters to the Editor

Hold fast onto your right to VOTE in O’side, and your right to a civilized and sane living environment in San Diego County

I am an old dude now. I was born in Los Angeles County long ago and watched it build out into the mess it is now. I moved to Orange County and watched it build out into the mess it is now. I moved to O’side, and now the greed monsters are trying to build out all of San Diego County, and lovely little O’ side as well.

This is a tragedy people! BE CAREFUL WHO AND WHAT YOU VOTE FOR !!

Here presented for consideration is a quote from one famous guy you may have heard of……..

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity.” Albert Einstein.

Do not believe those attack ads you see. Do not trust in the media hype.

READ it yourself and make an informed decision. BEWARE the media created false narratives which Mr. EInstein feared, for there are many, and they have media power now. Save our democracy and retain your RIGHT TO VOTE IN O’SIDE….LET OCEANSIDE VOTE !!


Do not allow the greed monsters to lure you into voting for change of rural and semi rural San Diego County into Los Angeles County and Orange County nightmares.

Make the existing zoning regulations stick as intended, KEEP YOUR OPEN SPACES OPEN !!

Or you can vote to change existing zoning regulations to allow greedy devlopers to move YOU into Los Angeles and Orange County, and all with the convenience of never having to leave home…..yech!

VOTE YES  on A and NO on B

GOOD LUCK EVEYBODY (we will need it) !!!

  • Richard Burton
    Oceanside registered voter