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Letters to the Editor- Yes on Measure K

I urge you to vote YES on MEASURE K!

As a 42 year resident of Oceanside, I have watched our city mature and evolve over the years.  I have witnessed the growing complexities of municipal government in general and ours in particular.  To meet these ever-expanding, multifaceted demands, it is imperative that we have a highly qualified professional City Treasurer to oversee our city finances including our $350 plus investment fund and a City Clerk with the qualifications necessary to serve as our compliance officer for local statutes.

Currently, in order to fulfill these intricate responsibilities, all someone has to do is win a popularity contest in an election.  The candidates are not required to have any qualifications for the job.  Their only supervision or quality-control is at the hands of the voters every four years.

We need to have the two critical functions of the City Treasurer and City Clerk performed by skilled professionals who meet minimum qualifications.  They must be appointed by the City Manager who can supervise and evaluate their job performance on an on-going basis.

Your YES vote on Measure K will ensure proper government accountability.

Marva Bledsoe

Editors Note- Letters are posted in the order they are received