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‘Palomar A’s’ Model A Ford Club

Story and photo by
Lucy Wheeler

Model A Fords, like the energizer bunny, are ‘still going.’ While some car clubs show their prized possessions at street fairs, special gatherings, special events, or sometimes individuals just store them away in an old barn,  the Palomar A’s Model A Fords are ‘still going,’ and every month, they go on a tour in our area.

The Palomar A’s explore San Diego County and surrounding areas every month.

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And in between, they join fellow Model A Ford Clubs throughout California and the western states several times a year.  In 2003, a few members drove their trusty model A’s to Detroit, Michigan, for the 100th celebration of the Henry Ford  first assembly line Plant, where  it all began and where clubs from all over the United States and a few foreign countries gathered to celebrate.

The North County Palomar A’s members keep their classic Model A Ford automobile in excellent working condition, ready for these monthly short tours and the sharing of this conscientious and fun, common hobby.

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There are toolboxes, fully equipped, on at least one Model A in the group, not only with the tools for unexpected repairs but with full knowledge about their use.  This is especially true on long trips.  They stick together, and ‘no car is left behind.


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A few members have added seat belts or modern conveniences in the restoration, though here the driver uses the original way of turning on the air conditioner- just open the window.

And look at what $395 would buy in 1927!

Each month, members congregate at a predetermined meeting place. While waiting to convene, the ritual is to discuss any restoration which has occurred.  The folding hoods are raised, and the show and tell begins.


Also, one member restored the engine while the exterior was left to show its rusty struggle through its years.  It has been named The Rust Bucket.

Another member did the same with his Woodie.

Each tour ends at a new-by reserved restaurant, where the food is enjoyed with the comradery and discussion about the discoveries made at one of San Diego’s many attractions.  Then it’s homeward bound with more sights and sometimes a few distractions.  If perchance, you see the touring Model A’s, wave, and most likely hear their unique ooga horns.



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